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With years of practical experience in web development and security, Kliqnet can help your company get on the web in record time. We deliver mobile apps and or websites that will increase your presence online, and are fit for purpose. We will be with you all through the process from simple idea to final delivery.

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Is an app a good Idea for my business?

Undoubtedly, the entire world has gone mobile and consumers are using their Smartphone’s, IPhone or tablets find local businesses. According to a recent study, “Small businesses are saving more than 800 million employee hours yearly by using mobile apps. Additionally, the survey found that 31% of businesses with 20 – 25 or fewer employees are using mobile apps and eyeing gains in paper reduction, productivity and the ability to meet customer expectations for a more dynamic mobile experience.

Nowadays, mobile devices are becoming a dominating mode of communication and apps are now becoming an indispensable part of how we interact with technology, whether it be personal or business.

Creating an app for your business takes a lot of planning and thinking, so we have provided with a list of 10 tips that small businesses must follow to create a leading app.

We serve mostly small to medium sized companies and we understand that cashflow is not as heavy when compared to the big players. This is why our prices are very competitive and we roll out services that suits this companies. We provide excellent services with good products and we never sacrifice on quality.



Kliqnet is a world class professional web development firm that provides a wide range of solutions for small to medium size companies. We employ some of the best graphics designers, web developers, and small business SEO specialist. At Kliqnet we provide only state of the art, cutting edge technology and are always creating new and innovative ways to make our clients’ experience better..

We don’t just build apps or websites, we build products that will build and improve your business and lifestyle in record time and it is time to deliver your product, we are there to support you to use the product and also maintain the product free for a year.